📝Micro-SaaS Meat Grinder





Meat Grinder:

  1. 5x better (or 5x cheaper) than what customers currently pay for (better 10x) (if you don’t offer 5x improvement, users won’t be motivated enough to switch)

  2. There is competition (lack of competition signifies there is no market or problem you’re solving does not exist)

  3. A defined target audience (existing) (Ideally, you want access to it.)

  4. Have at least one channel for first 25 and 250 customers

  5. You can build MVP quickly (limit yourself to a month of coding on weekends. if it’s more—it might be too risky)

  6. Founder/product fit (Do you like the idea?) (You’re about to spend a couple of years working on a project. If you don’t like, it’s not worth it.)