📝Issues with non-extensible systems


§ Extensible system

Most of the today software is non-extensible. That means, it is next to impossible to change a small aspect of it: change how it looks, how it functions, perform custom data processing or analysis, combine applications.

Applications are separate silos—both in term of data and operations, and in terms of UI. You can always visually separate applications.

Example of issues that are impossible to fix:

  • All issues that Local-First Software is fighting

    • Data is owned/managed by third-parties. It is hard/impossible to back it up. Vendor lock-in.

  • Companies reworking UI of applications without an option to use old UI.

  • I wanted to combine a timer with a free-running activity tracker to store all data in one place, maybe integrate habit-tracker in. Currently, I use three separate applications

  • Text editing is different in different applications.