📝Spaced repetition for reading inbox

Spaced repetition system can be used to manage reading inbox. (And that’s what I’m doing since [2020-08-09 Sun].)

  • Drop all interesting articles, videos to inbox.

  • Use spaced repetition algorithm to remind you about articles to read / videos to watch. Useful actions:

    • easy/good/hard rating (later/normal/soon)

    • select article → schedule for today

    • delete if you’re no longer interested


  • do the “review” on the days you’re ready to spend time reading

    • otherwise, I’ve found I would schedule an article to read but then I have no time and my interest vanishes

  • when article is scheduled, suspend it, and reset its sequence (i.e., “forget” it, rate 0)

    • this makes sense because you have selected article for reading, so it might be still very interesting to you → worth showing more often

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