📖Glamorous Toolkit Live #1: Moldable development & a tour

  • GT is written in Pharo (Smalltalk)

  • GT started as an object inspector and code editing tool was the very last thing they implemented (30:00)

  • 29:00 for moldable development to be economically feasible, the cost of the custom tool must be very-very small

    • average view method in GT is ~11 lines long

  • 34:00 software design issue vs tool issue → Design issue vs tool issue

    • e.g., big method vs small method. Small methods make you keep more context in the head (what other functions are doing) but a development tool can show other methods inline, so you don’t have to this issue

  • 36:45 re: language workbenches

  • 44:00 GT has built their own graphical stack

    • skia

  • 49:00 an example of pulling an html blog post and GT can execute smalltalk embedded in the page (by user command). the result is inserted in the page and is inspectable

  • 51:00 Fleenk is self-funded by consulting

    • legacy systems projects

    • startups (aggressive prototyping)

  • 56:00 design decisions

    • focusing on reading aspect of programming

    • treating environment as a language

    • very expressive graphical stack

  • 1:09:00 (use parsers to build AST for existing languages)

  • 1:09:00 parsers debugger / simulator

  • 1:10:00 “smalltalk is not a language but implementation of a language”

  • 1:17:50 starting with a very concrete problem, not a generic one