📖The Sleep Revolution

Huffington, Arianna
  • (sleep deprivation may lead to higher bug rate, which leads to more time spent debugging. so you don’t win anything by staying up late)

  • surrender to sleep

  • you can’t restore sleep deprivation damage by sleeping more on the weekends. the damage is done and you can’t revert it

  • “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

  • you’re in marathon, not a sprint---think sustainability

  • vacations (as any rest) are important, too

  • (creativity works better when you’re rested)

  • sleep deprivation has the same effect as alcohol

  • _ (Alarm clock is harmful to sleep)

    […] alarm clocks […] are workarounds to get us up when we’re not able to wake up naturally. ---Arianna Huffington, The Sleep Revolution, p.46

  • alarm clocks cause adrenaline secretion which can help us wake up and even feel fresh sometimes but quickly wears out, so you’re sleepy again. Adrenaline also leads to heart issues.

  • Caffeinated by Murray Carpenter

  • sleep is cast as masculinity

    • “heroic wakefulness” or “manly stamina”

    • from industrial revolution

  • people often worked 24+ hour work shifts before. Now we understand it’s impossible to operate effectively for so long. Yet, we subject ourselves for long periods without sleep voluntarily.

  • Heroic events might require conquering sleep as a one-time event (and are praised appropriately). But we do see sleep conquering as an everyday virtue.

  • By being overworked, you say (and feel) you’re important.

  • (This view of sleep is likely a product of orange)

  • “sleep is for the benefit of wake”

  • “if you value your brain, get more sleep” (p.103)

  • “We found […] that poor sleep quality was associated with an increased rate of decline in brain volumes over three to five years. The question is whether poor sleep quality is a cause or an effect of changes in brain structure, or if the relationship is bidirectional.” (p.104)

  • _

    Never waste any time you could spend sleeping.

    ---Frank Knight, Cofounder of Chicago School of Economics

  • Sleep deprivation damages attention span and several other aspects that could not be recovered with even three days of recovery sleep. (p.105)

  • Sleep deprivation not only makes you forget, but can actually create false memories.

  • Sleep deprivation may lead to cancer spreading faster. (it’s not tumor, but immune system reaction that causes this) (p.112)

  • sleep deprivation

    • overweight

    • diabetes

    • harder to quit smoking

  • it’s hard to know when you’re unproductive

  • “Women are more sensitive to the highs and lows of relationships, so women show a link between relationship functioning and sleep. […] For men, sleep has an effect on their functioning, so that affects their relationship.” (p.192)

  • Meditation Without Gurus by Clark Strand

  • Pressfield2012

  • eating schedule can be used to adjust circadian rhythms

    • when plenty of food—light controls

    • when scarce—awake when food is available

    • “a period of fasting with no food at all for about 16 hours is enough to engage this new clock”

    • or Argonne Anti-Jet-Lag Diet

  • fly in the afternoon if going to west; fly in the morning if going to east.