đź“–How Important is Deliberate Practice? Reply to Ericsson (2016)

Macnamara, Brooke N. and Hambrick, David Z. and Moreau, David

Reply to: Ericsson2016

  • Inconsistent in whether Deliberate Practice should be designed by teacher or not

    Most notably, Ericsson (2016) claims we deviated from his definition of deliberate practice as training designed by a teacher. Yet, he previously explained that deliberate practice does not need to be designed by a teacher. Ericsson (1998) stated, “Ericsson, Krampe, and Tesch-Römer (1993) proposed the term deliberate practice to refer to those training activities that were designed solely for the purpose of improving individuals’ performance by a teacher or the performers themselves ” (p. 84, emphasis added; see also Keith & Ericsson, 2007).

  • Ericsson criticized for inclusion of studies that use subjective indicators (including to the national sport team), yet he cited these same papers as to argue the importance of deliberate practice

  • When excluding subjective estimates / group activities / composite activities, results are consistent.

  • They didn’t sum up all activities and didn’t average results of different activities