📝Zettelkasten process


§ Zettelkasten




  1. Make fleeting notes (write random ideas that come into your head)

  2. Make literature notes

    • store those in bibliography

    • be selective (esp. with quotes). don’t skip thinking about what your read

  3. Make permanent notes

  4. Link it to other notes, add it to index cards (Structure Zettel)

  5. Trust the process.

    • don’t cling to topics

    • the slip box will naturally accumulate what interests you

    • build topics bottom-up

  6. Take all the relevant notes on the topic together. Look for what’s missing or redundant

    • Don’t wait for a finished topic—give yourself time to do more reading and note-taking.

  7. Translate your notes into argument (don’t copy)

  8. Edit and proofread