📝How to use Spaced Repetition and Zettelkasten together?

Combining § Spaced Repetition and § Zettelkasten seems like a good idea:

  • Spaced repetition to memorize things that you need in your head often

  • Zettelkasten to hold your conversations with, keep track of ideas

There are a number of questions that need to be answered:

  • how I decide what goes into Zettelkasten vs SRS?

  • should I create Zettelkasten cards for things that go into SRS?

    • how do I keep Zettelkasten cards in sync with SRS cards?

My current ([2020-07-11 Sat]) approach is to create Zettelkasten cards, but add a “Cards” section for flashcards at the bottom.

I add SRS cards:

  • for fundamental knowledge—things that other ideas build on top of (e.g., math definitions and properties)

  • things that I “should know,” things that help me in work

  • “emergency” exits—how to unfreeze Emacs, ssh, telnet, magic sysrq

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