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Compiling with continuations


Some papers are directly related to CPS, but some other are only tangentially related (e.g., they are mentioned in other CPS papers).

  • 1975 Call-by-name, call-by-value and the λ-calculus (Plotkin)

  • 1989 Continuation-passing, closure-passing style (Appel, Jim)

  • 1992 Compiling with Continuations (Appel) Appel1992

  • 1992 Representing control: A study of the CPS transformation (Danvy, Filinski)

  • 1992 Reasoning about programs in continuation-passing style (Sabry, Felleisen)

  • 1993 The essence of compiling with continuations (Flanagan, Sabryy, Duba, Felleisen) Flanagan…1993

  • 1994 Call-by-need and continuation-passing style (Okasaki, Lee, Tarditi)

  • 1995 A correspondence between continuation passing style and static single assignment form (Kelsey)

  • 1997 Shrinking lambda expression in linear time (Appel, Jim)

  • 1997 A reflection on call-by-value (Sabry, Wadler)

  • 1998 SSA is functional programming (Appel)

  • 2001 Contification using dominators (Fluet, Weeks)

  • 2002 Comparing Control Constructs by Double-Barrelled CPS (Thielecke)

  • 2002 Secrets of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler inliner (Peyton Jones, Marlow)

  • 2007 Compiling with continuations, continued (Kennedy) Kennedy2007

  • 2016 Gentrification gone too far? affordable 2nd-class values for fun and (co-)effect (Osvald, Essertel, Wu, González Alayón, Rompf)

  • 2017 Compiling without continuations (Maurer, Downen, Ariola, Peyton Jones) Maurer…2017

  • 2017 Continuation passing style for effect handlers (Hillerström, Lindley, Atkey, Sivaramakrishnan, Miller)

  • 2018 Compiling with Continuations and LLVM (Farvardin, Reppy)

  • 2019 Compiling with Continuations, or without? Whatever. (Cong, Osvald, Essertel, Rompf)

  • 2021 Compiling with continuations, correctly (Paraskevopoulou, Grover)