🖋I’m merging my websites

I used to have multiple points of presence on the internet:

It’s taxing to maintain a zoo of websites using different technologies, and it is even harder to build an audience for each separately (especially given they are just side projects).

Today I’m merging all of them into one and reformatting it substantially.

This website now has everything

It has both finished posts, knowledge and book notes. It’s usually obvious which is which from the content, but you can also tell them apart from an icon near the title. 🖋 is for posts, 📝 for regular notes, and 📖 for bibliographic notes.

All of the websites now redirect to this one

I’ve managed to merge all paths, so all existing links redirect to the same posts on this website. I’ll shut down other websites in a year or two.

The front page is now a curated collection of my writing

I’ve written many awful and some decent posts—a date-sorted list of all pages doesn’t do justice and is a bad way to get engaged with my thoughts.

The front page is now a curated collection of my posts and notes. The rest of my writing is available by links or by search on archive page (which is a date-sorted list of all pages).

Comments are gone

Disqus ended up being a bad medium for meaningful discussion, but ate loading time and showed ads. Thus, I’m dropping comments entirely from the website. That said, I do care about feedback and you can still reach me by email.